About the project

This project by a consortium of the National Museum (NM), National Heritage Institute (NHI) and National Library of the Czech Republic (NL) follows up on experience with studying the provenance of books at the NM and other members of the consortium. The goal of the project is to virtually reconstruct the scattered book collections of Bohemian provenance at domestic and foreign libraries. The history of reading and book culture in general will be presented in the form of one virtual and four physical exhibitions, scholarly articles and monographs. At the same time, we will provide support for care for historical collections at smaller museums, galleries and other memory institutions via a certified methodology for research, revision and inventory-taking of the historical book collection and experimental operation of an online form.

Virtual reconstruction and preparation of the exhibitions is conditioned on mapping out the book sets of Bohemian provenance within our territory (primarily in chateau libraries – NHI, NM and in the Reserve Collections of the NL and the collection Biblioteca Nationalis – NL) and in relevant libraries abroad (Paris, Wrocław, Görlitz, Bautzen, Regensburg, Zagreb – NM). The processing of provenance sets in smaller libraries will be supported by experimental operation of an online form for simplified records of the owners of books and provenance records with the support of users as part of a workshop in the project’s second year.

The project will also include innovation to the current PROVENIO online database of book owners, which alongside the database of the National Authorities AUT will represent a basic means for providing access to the results of the virtual reconstruction of scattered book collections, also visualised on the virtual provenance map.

Consortium members:

National museum National museum

National Library of the Czech republic National Library of the Czech republic

National Heritage Institute National Heritage Institute

Project partners:

Olomouc research library Olomouc research library

Jewish museum in Prague Jewish museum in Prague

National Gallery Prague National Gallery Prague

North Bohemian Museum North Bohemian Museum